Palace and Park Complex

Villa Decius is not only a Renaissance palace surrounded by an extensive park. Two outbuildings also belong to this historic complex. In the spring of 1998, one of the Villa’s outbuildings, Łaski House, named after one of the friends of Justus Decius, was opened after a thorough renovation. There are ten comfortably furnished rooms which are used by Villa Decius Association’s grantees and guests. The other sidebuilding is Erazm House. It was built in 2000, with the financial support of the Foundation for Polish-German Co-operation and the City of Krakow. 


In the Decius Park there is also a Gallery of Bronisław Chromy, an author of numerous sculptures and memorials i.e. Wawel Dragon (1969) and Monument to the Polish Airmen fallen on all the fronts of world war II (1989) in Krakow.


The plans for the re-cultivation of the gardens around the palace have been systematically implemented. A comprehensive restoration of the whole park is being planned.